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Our cardboard displays are designed and manufactured specifically for your products. 
Help your products stand out in retail stores.

Custom Cardboard Displays for your products

Highlight your products in the best possible light with a custom cardboard display built with resilient corrugated or paperboard materials. The different patterns can be designed on the cardboard displays according to different festivals or activities. The strong color, prominent shape and vivid advertisement on cardboard displays attract the attention of customers. At EVERSUN PACKAGING, we offer professional customized cardboard displays to fit and arrange your products in an attractive, marketable fashion to help your products sell.

Options of cardboard displays

At EVERSUN PACKAGING, we specialize in custom cardboard displays in  all kinds of options in style, design, custom shapes and structures, thickness, strength, graphic treatment and overall size. Whether you want a custom countertop display, floor stand display or other types, we can custom it for your products according to your specific needs.  

Floor stand Displays

Floor stand displays catch a buyer’s attention in a different way than do displays in more commonly seen places, especially when they are life-size and are printed so professionally that they seem to come alive.

Countertop Displays

Point-of-sale promotions for the countertop must be small, so they must also be effective. The cardboard display type must be well-written and executed, since the customer has a reduced amount of time in which to decide.

cardboard Dump Bins

Dump bins are box solutions for carrying products for long periods of time. They are typically used for retail purposes, giving customers the capabilities of buying products in bulk if needed.

Pallet Displays

Pallet displays are versatile, economical, both in production and in shipping and distribution. A fully stocked pallet display can be quickly and easily placed onto a sales floor from the truck.

Don’t know what kind of display to choose? Our specialists can help source it for you! Request a Consultation.

Contact Us for High-Quality Cardboard Displays Solutions

At EVERSUN PACKAGING, we customize cardboard displays to compliment every business and brand. We offer multiple shapes and sizes to suit every product, and we can bring your logo to life with vivid colours and printing finishes such as spot UV, hot foil, embossing, debossing, lamination, varnish. Using modern die-cutting techniques, we can create a cardboard display to complement any product, with no limits on design. If you can vision it, we can make it, and we offer fast turnaround times on all orders.

cardboard displays

How Does it Work?

We offer customization and cost-efficient cardboard displays for customers worldwide. There are plenty of options available for the custom cardboard displays exclusively for you by our team. We are happy to provide you one stop packaging solutions. 

Call us or send us email to discuss your requirements of packaging. 

When you send us details of the packaging, our professional team will quote the price within 24 hours. 

When you are satisfied with quotation and are ready to continue, place us your orders to our support team’s email. 

To make sure the cardboard displays can meet your needs, pre-production samples will be sent to you for testing.

When you confirm all the details of cardboard displays are okey, mass production will be went ahead. Our support team will keep you known of the latest manufacturing process. 

When the mass production of cardboard displays is ready, our QC team will inspect them and make sure the quality will be the same as your approved samples. 

We will delivery the cargo to your pointed destination. 


You should hear from our sales team soon. 

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