Custom Rigid Boxes Styles

Delicated custom rigid boxes bring your brand a huge competitive advantages. They are conducive to protecting products, and the more important point is to increase the added value of products. The beautiful and durable custom rigid boxes are also called custom set-up boxes, suitable for high-end and luxury products. EVERSUN PACKAGING provides you a full range of custom rigid boxes styles. Start the packaging journey with EVERSUN PACKAGING now. 

Magnetic Closure Boxes

Magnetic Closure Boxes 

Convenient magnetic closure keeps your products secure.

Flip Top Magnetic Lock

Flip Top Magnetic Lock

The magnetic closure and flip top design.

Flip Top With Handle

Flip Top With Die Cut Handle

Luxury Boxes with die cut handle, easy to open. 

Lid and Base

Lid and Base

Lid and base boxes, also known as two piece product boxes

drawer box

Drawer Boxes

Sleeve and Tray design, handle can be added.



Standard 2-piece rigid box with a separate lid and base.

Filio Rigid Boxes

Folio Rigid Boxes

Can be opened from two directions,  tray in the middle.  

Book Style Rigid Box

Its shape is like a book, displaying your products elegantly.

Materials & Finishes

EVERSUN PACKAGING provides all the materials you need for custom rigid boxes. Rigid boxes customization is such easy. 

What our customers say

Doing business with EVERSUN PACKAGING is an amazing experience. They always delivered my packaging goods on time. And the printing quality is very good, I am very satisfied with the custom rigid boxes they manufactured. Now I will recommend EVERSUN to every one. You won't be disappointed if you work with EVERSUN.
canada customer
Charles Ewing
I feel very good to work with EVERSUN PACKAGING! When we have no idea about the packaging for our products and they were always willing to provide us with different solutions for us choosing. The custom rigid boxes EVERSUN manufactured surpassed our expectations. If you are looking for high-quality packaging supplier, EVERSUN is good choice.
USA customer
Renaud Barnes
EVERSUN is a great custom rigid boxes manufacturer, they help solve a lot of my problems when customize my rigid boxes from the start until the end. They pay attatention to each detail, whose professionalism was the best in the industry. Thank you guys! Looking forward to cooperating with you for long future together.
UK Customer
Allan Fridman

Custom Rigid boxes benefits

Custom rigid boxes packaging is an important part of commodities. There are many functions of custom rigid boxes, such as product protection, storage and transportation, sales promotion, profit increase and more.

Set up boxes

custom boxes add value

Place your high-end or luxury products in thin, light weight printed custom rigid boxes with gradient color for an elegant retail solution. Use strong and durable industrial rigid boxes made of thick, sturdy cardboard to protect your products. Rigid boxes add tremendous value to your products so you can maximize your profits, reduce your breakage, and increase the value of your brand.

custom rigid boxes offer premium quality

Your customers will consciously transfer the high quality of custom rigid boxes to your products, adding value and ensuring your customers that they are buying a quality product. Rigid boxes look fantastic, almost everyone argreed on their good quality. They have no unsightly raw edges, and rigid boxes won’t come apart like other, inferior styles of flat, folded packaging.

high-end rigid boxes
rigid boxes with insert

Custom Rigid Boxes Are Versatile

Do you have an unusually shaped product or a variety of products that need to be packaged together? No problem. We’ll design and manufacture the perfect package for you using  custom rigid boxes and a insert. Our team has designed inserts made of crinkle paper, wood wool, die-cut peachboard or foam, assembled partitions, and vacuum formed plastic just to name a few. EVERSUN PACKAGING is a custom rigid boxes manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience, our team will find a best packaging solution for your products. 

Custom Rigid Boxes are Eco-friendly

EVERSUN PACKAGING’s two-piece custom rigid boxes are made from recycled cardboard, recycled paper, recycled tape, and solvent-free glue and ink. This provides you with an extremely environmentally friendly packaging solution. This is the perfect solution if you care about the environment and want that concern reflected in your company’s branding.

eco-friendly rigid boxes

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EVERSUN PACKAGING has helped  thousands of businesses worldwide achieve great packaging through our specialized custom packaging solution. We do our best to help our clients go above and exceed expectations that ultimately impress their customers!

24 hours service

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EVERSUN PACKAGING provides you outstanding customer exprience. We are here at 24/7.

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Reliable Always

Led by а group of savvy engineers and industrial experts with years’ technical experience in printing.

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Free Artwork Check

We do offer free artwork checking service for those customers who require that little extra help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions, you’ll find answers to common questions about paper packaging boxes.

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Note: To promote your project a big success, our sales will ask you provide the details of your rigid boxes such as size, box style, printing colour, coating/finishing and specifications you require. Or you can send us your artwork to quote.  Our sales representative will get back to you in 24 hours.

The production process of custom rigid boxes is much more complicated than that of custom folding boxes. The post-processing of folding boxes is generally by printing-surface finishing (foil stamping, lamination, spot UV, embossing, etc.)-die cutting- box gluing–inspection–packing is completed. The production process of the rigid box consists of printing–surface finishing–outer material die cutting–grey board die cutting–grey board grooving–grey board forming–outer material paper laminated–assembly–inspection–packing box complete. Judging from the process of the two products, the manufacturing process of the custom rigid boxes is complicated and cumbersome, and the process standard is much higher than that of the folding boxes.

1. The Choice of Paper 

According to the customer’s document design requirements and the effect to be reflected, the choice of paper is very important. The main considerations in this regard are:
①The type of paper, such as coated paper, art paper, pearl paper. 
②The thickness of the paper. The paper should not be too thick, as it is easy to wrinkle when it is thick, but it should not be too thin, otherwise the embossing effect will not be reflected.
③Consider the decorative effect of the surface.

2. Finishes

There are many surface finishing processes, the most common one is offset printing, and then various processes based on this are:

①Lamination (glossy lamination, matte lamination, soft touch lamination, scratch-resistant lamination, etc.)
② Hot stamping (gold, red gold, color gold, silver, laser, etc.)
③ Spot UV
④ Embossing and debossing

3. The Choice of Grey Board

Grey cardboard is produced from a kind of recycled waste paper. Mainly divided into single gray, double gray, full gray, according to the customer’s requirements for surface smoothness. It is an environmentally friendly packaging material, with a weight ranging from 250gsm to 10,000gsm, and a thickness ranging from 0.4mm to 20mm. There is no upper limit for thickness and weight. Usually, grey boards of appropriate specifications are selected according to the size of the rigid box.

4. Die-cutting

Die-cutting is a very important link in the manufacturing process, especially for custom rigid boxes, which have higher technical requirements for die-cutting. Precision and accuracy determine the quality of products, and slight errors directly affect the quality of subsequent processing.

5. Grooving

Grooving is to use a grooving machine to open a V-shaped groove on a grey board with a thickness of 1~4mm. Generally, a connection layer of about 0.25mm is reserved. The V-shaped groove has an angle, generally 90 degrees, 120 degrees, or according to the product structure. Grooving is a key step in the production of custom rigid boxes. Before the grey board is formed, the grey board must be grooved in a V shape, so that after the grey board is bent, the outside is straight and the inside is square, the edges and corners are clear, and the four corners match accurately.

6. Mounting

Mounting is a necessary process in the custom rigid boxes production. According to the requirements of different products, the coated paper, art paper, flannelette, and leather are glued or sprayed through a gluing machine, and they are tightly pasted on the grey board. The two are combined into one, so that the grey surface of the grey board can be changed into a new look, which not only beautifies the appearance of the box body, but also improves the added value of the rigid box.

EVERSUN PACKAGING is a leading China based manufacturer of various types of customized rigid  boxes, who has been in printing and packaging industry for more than 20 years. 

EVERSUN PACKAGING as a professional China rigid boxes manufacturer, we can supply rigid boxes for electronics, vapor, fashion accessories, gifts and other industries. 

We are based in Shenzhen China. The products are shipped from Shenzhen to worldwide customers. 

Production typically takes 10-14 days, and 14-21 days for larger volume orders.

Yes. We can provide unprinted structural samples to test size & structure, or pre-production samples that include full customization. Contact us now to request a custom sample .  

Didn’t find what you are looking for?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us our support team. 

How Does it Work?

We offer cost-efficient custom rigid boxes to customers worldwide. There are plenty of options available for the custom rigid boxes exclusively for you by our team. We are happy to provide you one stop packaging solutions. 

Call us or send us email to discuss your requirements of packaging. 

When you send us details of the packaging, our professional team will quote the price within 24 hours. 

When you are satisfied with quotation and are ready to continue, place us your orders to our support team’s email. 

To make sure the rigid boxes can meet your needs, pre-production samples will be sent to you for testing.

When you confirm all the details of rigid boxes are okey, mass production will be went ahead. Our support team will keep you known of the latest manufacturing process. 

When the mass production of  rigid boxes is ready, our QC team will inspect the boxes and make sure the quality will be the same as your approved samples. 

We will delivery the cargo to your pointed destination. 

How EVERSUN PACKAGING can serve your custom Rigid box needs?

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