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EVERSUN PACKAGING provides businesses with custom printed boxes and 
custom packaging solutions that meet industry specific needs.

Custom Foldable boxes

China Leading Packaging Boxes Supplier

Finding a reliable custom packaging box manufacturer is very important for your business success. At EVERSUN PACKAGING, we make excellent quality custom paper packaging boxes at unbeatable factory wholesale prices! 

Our custom boxes packaging range from luxury gift boxes, packaging boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, mailer boxes. 

Any styles, shapes, finishing are customizable. 

FSC certified raw material. 

Cooperated more than 1000 overseas customers.

How Paper Packaging Boxes Are Made

There are 4 steps for custom paper packaging boxes:

Decide a box shape you want and send to EVERSUN;
– EVERSUN turns it into a shaped packaging boxes drawing to design;
– Both sides approve the boxes details before running into production;
Start samplings for testing, and then run mass production.

Custom Rigid Boxes

Options & Materials

We provide you with all the materials and custom boxes type you need for retail packaging.

Factory details

custom Paper Packaging boxes from China professional packaging Supplier

Finding a reliable custom packaging box manufacturer is very important for your business. 

At EVERSUN PACKAGING, we make excellent quality custom boxes at unbeatable factory prices.

Contact our support team and you will get the reply from at the same day.

    How we Control the Color Difference in printing
    the Custom packaging boxes

    In daily life, we often say that the color difference refers to the phenomenon of inconsistent color when the human eye observes the product. For example, in the printing industry, the difference in color between the printed samples and the standard sample provided by the customer.

    In industry and commerce, accurate assessment of product color difference is a very important part. However, various factors such as the light source, observation angle, and the observer’s own conditions during visual color measurement may cause differences in color evaluation.

    There is a certain color difference in the presswork. We can only make the presswork close to the color of the artwork based on certain experience and judgment. So, how to control the color difference so that the presswork is close to the color of artwork?


    Color Mixing

    Using the same manufacturer’s printing inks for color mixing, the color mixing workers must fully grasp the hue of various printing inks, which is helpful to control in the color mixing process.

    Color Matching


    Adjustment of ink viscosity

    Strengthen the adjustment of ink viscosity. It is best to adjust according to the expected press speed. After adding solvent, wait for 10 minutes after fully ringed, and then start production and processing.


    Production Environment

    It is more appropriate to adjust the air humidity in the workshop between 55% and 65%. If the humidity is too high, it will affect the solubility of the printing ink. Reasonably adjusting the air humidity will improve the printing effect of the ink and the adjustment of the color difference.

    Production environment


    Raw Material

    The surface tension of the raw material affects the color display effect of the printing ink on the film, and is also one of the factors affecting the color difference. Guaranteeing the quality of raw materials is a prerequisite for quality control. It is very important to choose a qualified raw material supplier!


    quality Control

    Strictly abide by the color similarity of more than 90% between the sampling and the standard sample, then the production and processing can be started, and assist the quality inspectors to strengthen the inspection of the first printd approval sample. Strictly require team members to implement the quality management system in production and processing.

    Testing Room

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the most frequently asked questions, you’ll find answers to common questions about paper packaging boxes.

    We can manufacture custom heart shaped boxes, foldable boxes, round boxes, magnetic boxes, mailer boxes, lid and bottom boxes, drawer boxes, die cut boxes, special shape boxes, corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, cardboard display boxes, etc.

    Below are some easy ways for you to request a quote from us:

    1. Call us at : + 86 187 2819 1931  (Lisa Lan)
    2. Whatsapp us: + 86 187 2819 1931 (Lisa Lan)
    3.  Email us:
    4. Sending a quote through our form on our Website.

    Note: To promote your project a big success, our sales will ask you provide the details of your packaging boxes such as size, box style, printing colour, coating/finishing and specifications you require. Or you can send us your artwork to quote.  Our sales representative will get back to you in 24 hours.

    1. Design. Determine the product design artwork, design the corresponding packaging box according to different products, a packaging box design suitable for the product directly affects whether consumers buy it.

    2. Confirmation of materials. Confirm the product’s face paper, inner paper and other materials.

    3. Process production. Determine the process production of the packaging box, which is divided into: lamination, embossing, silk screen printing, die cutting, hot stamping, embossing & debossing, UV, V groove and other processes according to needs.

    4. Sampling. If necessary, sampling can be done first, and mass production can be started after the sample box is confirmed.

    5. Mass production.  To avoid glue leakage affecting the appearance of the packaging boxes, choose the gluing method according to different materials, and pay attention to keeping the packaging boxes clean when assembling the packaging boxes.

    In the process of making the packaging box, it is inevitable that there will be stains. EVERSUN PACKAGING must complete the above processes perfectly before packing.

    EVERSUN PACKAGING is a leading China based manufacturer of various types of customized paper packaging boxes, who has been in printing and packaging industry for more than 20 years. 

    1. The cost is low. Compared with other packaging, the raw material cost of paper is lower. The use of paper packaging materials can reduce operating costs and improve economic benefits; 

    2. Paper packaging boxes are easy to transport. Paper materials are lighter in weight, so it is simpler to use paper materials for packaging design and transportation; 

    3. Green and eco-friendly. Paper packaging boxes are recyclable and not harmful to the environment. With the increasing demand for environmental protection of packaging in the entire international market, paper packaging has become the first choice for eco-friendly packaging.

    EVERSUN PACKAGING can supply perfume boxes, cosmetic boxes, vape cartridge packaging, chocolate boxes, electronics boxes, apparel boxes, jewelry boxes, gift boxes, hair extension boxes, eyelash boxes, gift boxes, toys boxes, food boxes, etc. 

    We are based in Shenzhen China. The products are shipped from Shenzhen to worldwide customers. 

    For custom paper packaging boxes,  printed sample usually takes 3~7 days. Custom packaging boxes mass  production usually takes 10~15 days.

    For custom paper boxes, custom rigid boxes, custom corrugated boxes, the general minimum order quantity is 3000pcs, but it is negotiable. 

    Didn’t find what you are looking for?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us our support team. 

    How Does it Work?

    We offer customization and cost-efficient paper packaging boxes for customers worldwide. There are plenty of options available for the custom paper packaging boxes exclusively for you by our team. We are happy to provide you one stop packaging solutions. 

    Call us or send us email to discuss your requirements of packaging. 

    When you send us details of the packaging, our professional team will quote the price within 24 hours. 

    When you are satisfied with quotation and are ready to continue, place us your orders to our support team’s email. 

    To make sure the packaging boxes can meet your needs, pre-production samples will be sent to you for testing.

    When you confirm all the details of packaging boxes are okey, mass production will be went ahead. Our support team will keep you known of the latest manufacturing process. 

    When the mass production of packaging boxes is ready, our QC team will inspect the boxes and make sure the quality will be the same as your approved samples. 

    We will delivery the cargo to your pointed destination. 


    You should hear from our sales team soon. 

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