Kraft Paper Shopping Bags Wholesale For Women

Item No.:EP220816-04
Size: Customized
Materials: Paperboard
MOQ: 3000pcs or negotiated with customers

What are the characteristics of kraft paper shopping bags?

In the past, people did not consider environmental issues for the convenience of use, but with the change of the earth’s climate, people have a further understanding of protecting the environment, and their awareness of environmental protection is also increasing. A kraft paper shopping bags that can be used multiple times. So what kind of kraft paper shopping bags is in line with people’s requirements?

Both environmentally friendly and beautiful, exquisite and durable. kraft paper shopping bags can be used as an extension of corporate image and product advertising strategies, so the kraft paper shopping bags produced should not only pay attention to environmental protection and beauty, but also be exquisite and durable. The structure should be tight, and the loose handle will not be taken off the bottom. Use hot melt glue to stick to various parts of the kraft paper shopping bags with an automatic bag making machine to form a tight structure, so that the bottom will not be taken off, and the traditional kraft paper shopping bags. The post-printing process uses white glue to stick the bag body, and then manually thread the rope and knot it to make the handle. It is also possible to take off the bottom and take off the handle.

The bag surface of the kraft paper shopping bags has no creases, and the hot-melt adhesive is also very strong, and the drying speed is fast, so the bonding is also very beautiful. Because the traditional handbag is folded and pasted by hand, there will be creases on the surface of the bag. The drying speed of the white glue is slow, and if the amount is too large, the glue will overflow and slide, and the bag shape will be poor.

The more intelligent cotton rope handle, no punching and no knots. Use two pieces of heavyweight kraft paper to hot melt the cotton string, and fasten the kraft paper to the paper bag, so that the upright handle of the kraft paper shopping bags is completed, neither punched nor knotted.

In traditional handmade kraft paper shopping bags, holes are first punched in the bag body, and then the nylon rope is passed through and knotted.

The overall structure of the current kraft paper shopping bags has been strengthened, and it can bear the weight of more than 5 kg, which is much better than the traditional tote bag.

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