The Production Process of Cardboard Displays in Supermarkets

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Cardboard display is an essential tool for every grand holiday promotion. Its advantages are not only that it is light and easy to assemble, but also that the cardboard display is cheap in cost and unconstrained in shape change. Therefore, the cardboard display will become the best partner of commodity promotion all the time.  It attracts the attention of many people and directly brings economic benefits to businesses.

Cardboard display, as a promotion method, comes with the development of POP advertising. It has the advantages of environmental protection, convenient transportation, quick assembly and so on. It can display goods, convey information and promote sales. The use of cardboard display was popular in Europe and America in the early days, and it was widely used in food, household appliances, electronics, clothing and other fields.

How to manufature cardboard displays in supermarkets?

1. According to the habits of consumers in terminal stores, plan out a suitable plan for commodity promotion and display.

2. Design the style of cardboard displays suitable for terminal display according to the promotion plan.

3. Select the materials and bearing structure according to the carboard display style.

4. Make physical samples according to all relevant data.

5.The samples of cardboard displays need to the surface treatment.

6. Corrugated paper laminated: Gluing the printed face paper and corrugated paper.

7. Die-cutting: Make the mould according to the die line.

8. Gluing: Gluing individual components after die-cutting and forming.

9. Packaging: Flat packing


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