Beautiful external packaging design is a key factor for products to attract consumption. It’s just like a beautiful woman who dresses fashionably attracts men’s attention. Consumers’ aesthetics and choices can’t change in a short time, but we can guide or attract consumers through our custom cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes customization plays a more and more important role in the promotion of commodities. It can be said that excellent packaging design is an important link to build promotion force and enhance brand abstraction. Appearance is the content of packaging visual design, which refers to the appearance design of packaging, including how to choose colors, graphics, characters, trademarks and barcodes in detail to beautify and promote goods. Regarding the design of sales packaging, the criterion of “striking, understanding and liking” should be followed. Generally speaking, the quality will indirectly affect the sales volume of packaged goods, such as food cardboard packaging boxes, tea cardboard packaging boxes, cosmetic cardboard boxes and so on. Consumers’ impressions often decide whether they buy or not, so how can we design excellent packaging? If we want to design packaging boxes that are attractive to consumers, we must pay attention to these points:

     First, emotional customization: color has a great influence on people’s mood, and the matching of wrapping paper colors can be distinguished by age and gender: men should focus on cool colors, women can choose bright colors or simple and elegant light colors, and children should choose bright and vivid patterns.

     Second, thematic customization: this is the foundation of custom cardboard boxes. There are many themes: for gift of love, the package can choose heart-shaped or rose pattern, and the decoration can be stopped with Cupid’s arrow, showing deep intention, and for the family gift, you can choose warm colors, highlighting simple and quiet intimacy. Usually, if the packaging of ordinary daily chemical products is to be themed, it is recommended to first understand the preferences of the consumer groups and design the appearance theme purposefully, so as to have distinctive selling points.

     Third, artistic customization: every carefully processed packaging product can show some artistry, and we can pay attention to the role of decorative ribbons, decorative flowers and other small decorations in the packaging, through which we can add artistic effects and play the role of the finishing point. Of course, this point can also be highlighted by cardboard packaging box design and pattern.

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