Common Process of Packaging Products

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Common Process of packaging products

* CMYK Printing

  1. The so-called four colors are: cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y) and black (K), and all colors can be mixed by these four inks, finally displaying color pictures and texts.
  2. CMYK printing is the most common and common printing, and different effects will be printed on different substrates.

* Spot Color Printing

  1. Spot color printing refers to printing the color with a special ink, which is brighter than the color mixed with four colors. Common spot colors are special gold and silver.
  2. There are many spot colors. With reference to Pantone color card, spot colors cannot realize gradient printing. If necessary, four-color printing will be added.

* Gloss Lamination

  1. After printing, a transparent plastic film is attached to the surface of printed matter by hot pressing, which plays a role in protecting and increasing luster, and the surface is bright, as shown in the following image.
  2. Gloss lamination is the most basic process of packaging box surface treatment, which can enhance the hardness and tensile properties of paper.

* UV Varnishing

The prominent parts of the printed matter need to be locally polished and brightened, so that the local patterns have a more stereoscopic effect.

* Hot Stamping

Hot stamping uses the principle of hot press transfer to transfer the aluminum layer in anodized aluminum to the substrate surface to form a special metallic luster effect.

Printing materials are good, silver, red, green and blue, but hot stamping can only be spot color.

* Embossing

Adopt a set of concave and convex templates corresponding to pictures and texts, place the printing stock between them, and press out embossed concave and convex pictures and texts by applying greater pressure.

Paper of various thicknesses can be emblossed, but cardboard can’t.

* Code-Spraying

The process of spray printing marks (production date, shelf life, batch number, enterprise logo, etc.) on products with a code spraying machine.

Simple character patterns can be sprayed and printed with greater flexibility.


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