Manufacturer Custom-made Drawer-Shaped Gift Boxes with Foams Inside

Packaging is divided into many kinds of materials, such as wood, tin, plastic, acrylic, glass, cloth and ceramic. There are no fewer than dozens of kinds of materials and hundreds of kinds of subdivided materials, but in practical application, all kinds of paper are most widely used in the field of packaging. Paper has become an irreplaceable packaging material because of its economy, various printing ways, convenient modeling and environmental protection.

So How to Make A Packaging Box?


First of all, if you want to make a packaging box, you need to know whether your products are suitable for paper packaging box. For example, if they are liquid, oil products are not suitable for paper packaging, which is easy to deteriorate. Foods with short retention period should not be directly packaged in paper, because paper packaging box is not easy to seal. After knowing clearly that your products are suitable for packing in cartons, you should have a clear position on the market price of your products, and calculate the approximate range of packaging cost of your products from the terminal price, so as to further confirm what paper and style of cartons are suitable for packing. Well, with these general concepts, you need to find a professional carton packaging design company, and tell your ideas to designers and designers to confirm the feasibility. And discuss the form and content of packaging design with designers. Carton packaging designers will design pictures, texts and styles according to your ideas, cost and product conditions. After the design is finished, the graphic content is verified to be correct after proofreading, and then the carton packaging process is entered.


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