Cardboard Dump Bins for Supermarket

Item No.:EP220804-09
Size: Customized
Materials: Cardboard
MOQ: 500pcs or negotiated with customers

Supermarket Cardboard Dump Bins refer to the commodity display formed by the separate display of goods in the supermarket, sometimes a single brand product is displayed alone, and sometimes it is a combination of several brands.

The role of Cardboard Dump Bins:

  • In order to differentiate from competitors, attract customers and increase sales, shopping malls take the initiative to make profits, so as to obtain a lower price advantage than surrounding competitors.
  • The promotion and price adjustment initiated by the supplier in order to promote the sales of its own products. This price reduction may be carried out at the same time as the surrounding market.
  • Display unique products in this mall, such as private label products.
  • Newly introduced products are specially displayed in cardboard dump bins in order to promote new products.
  •  Display promotional products for limited time and limited sales.
  • Seasonal products with large sales volume. Seasonal products often have relatively large sales volume, which also makes shopping malls display in line with seasonal changes.

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