Custom Printed Gifts Paper Bags Wholesale With Handle

Item No.:EP220818-06
Size: Customized
Materials: Paperboard
MOQ: 3000pcs or negotiated with customers

Different characteristics of commonly used paper in gifts paper bags making.

In the process of making gifts paper bags, many customers cannot grasp the characteristics of different materials. We introduce the characteristics of several different materials commonly used in the production of gifts paper bags: white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, and black cardboard. Learn about the different characteristics of environmentally friendly paper bag making, clothing paper bag making, and gifts paper bags making.

1.The characteristics of white cardboard bags: solid, durable, smooth, and the printed colors are rich and full, and 230g white cardboard is often used.

2.The characteristics of coated gifts paper bags production: the whiteness and gloss are very good, and the picture can reflect the three-dimensional effect during printing, but its firmness is not as good as that of white card. The commonly used thickness of coated paper bag is 157g or 200g.

3.The characteristics of kraft gifts paper bags production: it has high toughness and firmness, and it is not easy to tear. Kraft paper is generally used in the production of some single-color and two-color gifts paper bags that are not rich in color. The commonly used thickness is 120g or 150g.

4.The characteristics of black cardboard bags: solid and durable, the color is black, because the color itself is black, so it cannot be printed in color, but it can be used for bronzing, bronzing and other processes. Different materials can be selected for the production of gifts paper bags with different functions.

Gift paper bags have low custom cost and good appearance. It can show the texture of the clothing brand. It will not give the impression of being cheap because it is packaged in a paper bag. On the contrary, choosing a high-quality customized gifts paper bag manufacturer can also show a sense of simplicity and fashion. What is cheap and affordable, you can experience it immediately.

1.Logo obviously contributes to brand promotion. The logo on the clothing bag is very conspicuous, generally there is no complicated design, the overall simplicity and comfort, and at the same time highlight the brand. In order to give full play to its marketing, the custom-made gifts paper bags needs to be processed by manufacturers using logo bronzing and silver technology to process the gifts paper bags, and the texture will be improved immediately. Clothing gifts paper bags are also mobile billboards to help brands carry out powerful publicity.

2.Paying attention to environmental protection can better reflect the sense of responsibility of the enterprise. Generally, gifts paper bags are used as packaging. Gift paper bags indicate that the company has a strong awareness of environmental protection and consciously undertakes social responsibilities, which helps to shape the brand image and gain social recognition. From a long-term perspective, a responsible company can go a long way.

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