Paper Shopping Bags Manufacturer With Handles Christmas gift Bag

Item No.:EP220830-11
Size: Customized
Materials: Paperboard
MOQ: 3000pcs or negotiated with customers

Paper shopping bags with handles are now more and more widely used. Whether it is brand owners or event promotion, more and more paper shopping bags with handles are used. Generally speaking, we use kraft paper or white cardboard to make paper shopping bags.

一. Advantages of using kraft paper to make paper shopping bags

  1. Kraft paper is mainly used for paper shopping bags are white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper. Usually, white kraft paper can replace white cardboard as a white paper shopping bag, and yellow kraft paper can be used as a simple and elegant paper shopping bag;
  2. Kraft paper itself has strong breaking resistance and tensile force, so the paper shopping bag made of kraft paper does not need to be covered with additional film, and can be directly printed, saving printing costs;
  3. Kraft paper is usually used to meet the positioning route of pursuing simplicity and high-end, which is in line with people’s living habits, and pursues simplicity and speed;
  4. The cost of making paper shopping bags with kraft paper is the lowest, because the bags made of kraft paper only need to do some simple color printing, and with the texture of the kraft paper itself, it can basically meet the needs of customers;
  5. The paper shopping bags with handles made of kraft paper can be recycled and beaten for multiple use, which is environmentally friendly.

二.The characteristics of white cardboard as a paper shopping bag

  1. Compared with kraft paper, white cardboard has a better printing effect, but the bursting strength and tensile strength are poor. Usually, lamination is required, and the printing cost is high;
  2. Due to the high short fiber content of white cardboard, in order to increase the breaking resistance and tensile force when making paper shopping bags with handles, it usually needs to be covered with film, which is not environmentally friendly.

Through comparison, we found that kraft paper is more suitable for paper shopping bags than white cardboard, mainly because paper shopping bags made of kraft paper are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than white cardboard.

Features of the paper shopping bags with handles:

  1. The design of paper shopping bags generally requires simplicity and generosity. For paper shopping bags design, the front of the paper shopping bags printing process is generally dominated by the company’s logo and company name, or the company’s business philosophy. The design should not be too complicated, which can deepen consumers Impression of the company or product, get a good publicity effect.
  2. The printing of paper shopping bags has a great effect on expanding sales, establishing a famous brand, stimulating purchasing desire and enhancing competitiveness. For the premise of the design and printing strategy of paper shopping bags, the establishment of corporate image has an important role that cannot be ignored.
  3. As the basis of design composition, it is very important to grasp the psychology of form. From the perspective of visual psychology, people hate monotonous and uniform forms and pursue various changes. The printing of paper shopping bags with handles should reflect the distinctive characteristics of the company.

    Product Specifications:

    • Item No.:EP220830-11
    • Size: Customized
    • Materials: Paperboard
    • MOQ: 3000pcs or negotiated with customers
    • Packing: Flat-pack in bulk, ship to your pointed destination
    • Shipping Port: Shenzhen, as per customer’s request
    • Delivery Time: About 12-15 days
    • Sample leading time: About 2-5 days
    • Payment Terms: T/T or L/C, Western Union
    • Supply Ability: 550,000 pcs/month
    • Structure design: Personalized Graphics
    • Artwork/graphic Offered by customers
    • File formats: PDF, AI, Coredraw

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