Custom Luxury Paper Shopping Bags Wholesale

Item No.:EP220901-13
Size: Customized
Materials: Paperboard
MOQ: 3000pcs or negotiated with customers

The advantage of paper bags as shopping bags is that the atmosphere is beautiful and simple. Walking on the street, people can see people carrying paper shopping bags in their hands. Paper shopping bags are also being used more widely, a trend that may be due to the development of the fashion industry. Their brand, LOGO, and their paper shopping bags are very attractive to customers.

  1. Paper shopping bags are live sign advertisements, and companies will print their own logos on paper shopping bags, which is also a kind of advertisement invisibly. The more people use it, the more people will know they have an elegant product.
  2. Compared with plastic bags of other materials, paper shopping bags look more beautiful. Nowadays, the country advocates the concept of environmental protection, and more and more industries begin to use paper shopping bags as packaging bags or packaging bags. In addition, the other reason why people like to use paper shopping bags is that they are lighter and more high-end.
  3. The advantage of paper shopping bags as portable bags is that in addition to being recyclable, they can also be biodegradable, which is both environmentally friendly and practical. 

    Shopping bags

  4. Paper shopping bags are made of wood for newspapers, magazines or books, they can be recycled, and can also be made into a new one. Waste paper is biodegradable, so it can be reused.
  5. The paper shopping bag does not contain harmful chemicals and will not pollute the human body and our environment. Even if it is disposed of as garbage, it will rot in the ground over time.
  6. If we are buying clothes, maybe another high-end clothes, a good-looking paper shopping bag logo can set off the value of the clothes, and you will feel that it is worth the money. Paper shopping bags will not pollute the society. But don’t waste resources too much. Because it is necessary to give the felled trees time to grow. Although paper shopping bags have many advantages, they need to be used properly!

Product Specifications:

  • Item No.:EP220901-13
  • Size: Customized
  • Materials: Paperboard
  • MOQ: 3000pcs or negotiated with customers
  • Packing: Flat-pack in bulk, ship to your pointed destination
  • Shipping Port: Shenzhen, as per customer’s request
  • Delivery Time: About 12-15 days
  • Sample leading time: About 2-5 days
  • Payment Terms: T/T or L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability: 550,000 pcs/month
  • Structure design: Personalized Graphics
  • Artwork/graphic Offered by customers
  • File formats: PDF, AI, Coredraw

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