Type of Common Packaging Boxes

What are the box types of common packaging boxes? EVERSUN PACKAGING will show you seven common packaging types.


1. Lid and Base Box

The Lid and Base Box is covered directly with lid to the bottom box, and the whole box surface is closed. Because the cover of Lid and Base Box is fully buckled to form a double layer, it has strong pressure resistance and can fully protect commodities. The Lid and Base Box uses more paper, the cost is slightly higher, and the texture is strong, so it is suitable for being a boutique gift box, etc.

Unfolded drawings of the box-type design of the Lid and Base Box.

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Lid and Base Box
Lid and Base Box

2. Book Style Box

The packaging style is like a book, and the packaging box opens from the side. Design & Unfolded Drawings of Book Style Box
Book Style Box
Book Style Box

3. Box With Handle

Box with Handle is a new structural form in modern carton packaging. The biggest feature is that it is convenient to carry. This modeling structure is made up of handles installed on the box body and interspersed in the upper part of the box cover. It was first used to hold wine, and then it was widely used for daily necessities and food packaging. Design & Unfolded Drawings of Box with Handle
Carrying Box with Handle

4. Drawer Box

The Drawer Box consists of a box body and a drawer. Generally speaking, the inner box is protective and the outer box is decorative. This paper box has a firm structure, convenient use and beautiful box shape, and is mostly used for ornaments and cosmetics packaging products.
Drawer Box

5.Folding Tubular Box

The Folding Tubular Box refers to a folding box in which the cover and the box body are integrated. The design forms of the cover are: a flat foldable cover without sides, a cover with two sides and a folded box cover, and a folded cover with several folded covers freely folded. The structure is simple and has sufficient protection performance. The most widely used, mostly used in daily necessities, food, stationery packaging and so on. View of Folding Tubular Box
Folding Tubular Box

6. Folding Box

The body of Folding Box is unfolded into a whole cut-off paper, which is similar to an airplane, without gluing the box. By using the structural design, the cost of the packaging box is saved, and the structure is integrated. Saving material has high structural strength, which meets the requirements of automatic packaging batch production. Using the strength of cardboard, it can be bent and buckled, which is commonly used for packaging high-grade fruits, food and daily necessities. Design & unfolded drawing of Folding Box
Folding box

7. Special Shaped Box

The structure of the Specia Shaped Box are complex, and its modeling inherently improves the uniqueness and artistry of packaging, and shows the unique charm of design. However, due to the limitations of production conditions, usability of packaging and convenience of transportation, in today’s market, the packaging forms are still mainly quadrangular and cylindrical. Used for art and food packaging.
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