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Carton box is a three-dimensional shape, which is composed of a polyhedron formed by moving, stacking, folding, and enclosing several surfaces. The faces in the three-dimensional structure play the role of dividing the space in the space. If the faces in different parts are cut, rotated, and folded, the obtained faces have different emotional expressions. The composition relationship of the carton display surface should pay attention to the connection relationship between the display surface, the side, the top and the bottom, and the setting of the packaging information elements.

To a large extent, carton box  promotes and beautifies commodities with its exquisite shape and decoration, and improves the competitiveness of commodities. The carton shape design is an abstract form of language expression. The shape of the carton box can be excavated and created from the direction of vitality, dynamism, volume, depth, etc. At the same time, it combines the principles of form beauty such as tactility, contrast, proportion, fusion, change and unity, and dynamism to create a vivid and interesting. shape of carton packaging. The shape and structural design of the carton are often determined by the shape characteristics of the packaged goods, so there are many styles and types, such as rectangle, square, polygon, special-shaped carton, cylinder, etc., but the manufacturing process is basically the same, that is, material selection—icon design-template manufacturing–stamping—carton box shaping. If the carton box is divided according to the quantitative paper, it can be divided into three categories: thin carton box, thick carton box and corrugated box. Then I will talk about the characteristics of these three types of cartons.

  • Thin carton box

The main materials of thin carton box are white board, grey board, kraft paper, coated paper, transparent paper of 200 ~ 350g. Most of these carton boxes are foldable, also known as folding carton boxes. Thin carton box is generally made of cardboard after die cutting and indentation, and then the side of the semi-finished box is bonded to form a square or rectangular cylinder, and then compressed into a carton box, and then folded into a variety of boxes. It can pack cakes, food, underwear, shoes, medicines, toothpaste, soap, cultural and educational supplies, candy, tobacco and alcohol, etc.

  • Thick carton box

Thick carton box is mainly made of cardboard over 300g, pasted with yellow board paper, glossy paper, offset paper, coated paper, etc. They can also be nailed with flat nails, but cannot be folded. Therefore, thick carton box can be divided into two types: pasting boxes and fixed carton boxes.

  • Corrugated carton box

Corrugated box is generally made of corrugated board with dense corrugated number and low corrugated height (D or E type). The outer layer is usually kraft board, or coated paper or coated paper with color decoration printing. Cartons of this kind are usually fastened with flat nails, and a few are overlapped with adhesives. There are two types of corrugated carton boxes: interpenetration type and carton type, which are mainly used for the sales packaging of porcelain, glass products and glass products (such as coffee, beverage) and other fragile products.

Carton box, as an indispensable part of modern logistics, bears the important responsibility of packing, maintaining goods and beauty. The physical performance index of carton box becomes the basis of its quality evaluation. Carton box can be recycled to save costs. Carton box can be made into a variety of needs of the style, widely used as food, medicine, electronics and other products sales carton box. Such as large refrigerator packaging carton, air conditioning packaging carton, fresh carton, also have small and exquisite jewelry packaging carton, watch box. Many shopping malls today, including clothing stores, also use cartons. We can see the shadow of paper boxes everywhere in our life. Carton boxes can also be recycled, which is conducive to environmental protection.

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