How to Customize the Box for My Product?

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The products we buy in our life are basically packaged in boxes. Consumers have higher and higher requirements on the process and quality of product packaging boxes. What details should we pay attention to in the process of customized packaging boxes for product manufacturers? Today to introduce to you the customized product packaging box need to pay attention to what details?

The product packaging box is the most common in our daily life, most of which are paper product packaging boxes, are generally made of double copper paper and cuprous paper, because it involves the mounting process steps, too thick if mounted is easy to bubble point, is very affect the aesthetic degree, the most suitable for mounting paper is double grey paper.

The appearance of beautiful and generous is the packaging box customization must ensure the effect, the use of color needs to be clever collocation, too messy color will often distract the attention of consumers, resulting in the product prominent effect is not obvious. In addition to the basic color, the selection of spot color will affect the appearance, high-grade cosmetics packaging box customization generally choose pure white to foil the delicacy of the product.

Packaging box customization will involve many aspects of things, in the specific process of packaging box production need to cover all aspects, a good feeling of packaging box customized products can win consumer favor is to need to integrate a lot of energy. Gift box packaging is to better sell products, which is the marketing attribute of high-end gift box packaging, packaging box customization in the process of packaging box production is also must not be ignored.

First, the basic attributes of the product. First of all, you should know your own product type, but you should also understand the basic attributes of the product. Such as product size, weight, price and other data.

Second, use scenarios. The use scenario is actually to customize the actual role of the packaging box, is the market retail, or gift customization, or internal staff gifts and so on.

Third, the estimated quantity. Quantity is a big factor in determining cost, so quantity must be confirmed.

Fourth, knowing the size of the product, we can calculate the size of the packaging box, and through the weight of the product, we can plan the paper material to be used. Knowing the product price and use scenario, production quantity, we can calculate the price range of the packaging box. In fact, there is a fourth point, and the most important point, is the planning of design elements, through the basic information, can be calculated packaging box “hardware” information. And the design element, needs the subjectivity, here the design is divided into three kinds, the first, the box type design, the second, the illustration design, the third decoration design. Box type can be more common box type, if the special design, the cost will be relatively high. Illustration is the step that custom packaging must be designed, and it is also different from other product packaging,  so we must focus on planning. Decorative designs, usually found in hardcover boxes, such as the following small items such as pull rings and buttons.

To summarize, to customize the box for the product, we need to start from the basic attributes of the product, use scenario, expected quantity, design elements.

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