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The era is changing and people are more attracted to the idea of competing. While there is a lot of competition in the market among companies, better sales techniques have also been used by most to attract more customers. And one of the greatest aspects of attracting more customers is by having great packaging along with a great product.

This technique has been used by most companies. Around 70% of people get excited by experiencing a great gift-like packaging on a product and shop again. Not only does great packaging on a product make people come back to the company for more reliable products with great packaging, but it also builds a company-customer relationship.

Questions before designing a custom product packaging

Now that you know why custom product packaging is important, you should have a detailed lesson on how to choose the best custom product packaging. There are many things and ideas you should consider before choosing the right custom product packaging. And we are going to tell you all that in detail.

There are 4 most basic questions that you have to ask yourself while choosing the right custom product packaging.

  1. What is the product?

What are you selling? What is the type of product? Why do people want this product? What is this product used for? All these questions are covered in this part.

This will help you in knowing what is good for your product. If your product is sturdy, it will need plain packaging focusing solely on the outer beauty and attraction.

However, if your product is delicate, it will require a packing made of sturdy material with a durable design to keep the product safe. This gives you a great idea while choosing the right product packaging.

  1. What information should be present on the packaging?

You should consider what information your company is going to provide with the product. Choosing a custom product packaging for your product without determining the information that goes on it will never work in your favor. There are many things that you should consider, which you can place on the packaging. Some of them could be:

  • Company’s Logo

A company’s logo is what defines the company itself. While choosing the right custom product packaging, you should always put your company’s logo. It not only makes the package more attractive, but it also makes your company’s reputation grow. And people will start recognizing your company.

  • Colors

All brand and companies have their specific color aesthetics. Which helps people to identify the product even while standing at a distance. However, your color scheme should not be limited to your company. It can also express the product itself.

  • Signature/slogan

A company is also known for its signature sense. For instance, a brand known as NIKE has a slogan “Just Do It”.

  • Product description

A product description can also be placed on the product. You can write down the ingredients or materials used in the product or the proper way to use the product.

  1. Who is buying the product?

This question is great for making you think from your customer’s view. There are a lot of people which are going to see your product. However, only a few of them are going to buy your product. This gives you the chance to make sure which audience is interested in buying your product and you can target that audience for a better sales rate.

For instance, while selling a kid’s toy, you cannot wrap packaging with soft and boring colors. Children prefer more bright attractive colors with cartoons and stickers to make them attracted to the product.

  1. How is the product being bought?

Products are sold in many places. All you need to confirm is where your product is going to fall. Will it be selling in a supermarket? A boutique? A general store? Or online?

If the product is going to be sold online. Then it does not require any space taking and extra packaging. People are going to see just the product. However, if you want to make their experience better you can add great custom packaging.

On the other hand, if the product is to be sold in a supermarket with many more products. You have to make it clear that your product stands out among other products. Only then will people be attracted to your product.

As a first step towards choosing the right product packaging, these questions play a major role. After getting all the answers, you are good to start your journey towards choosing the right custom product packaging.

We are most happy to help you in making your best custom product packaging with the help of our best designers to put a smile on your and your customer’s face.

Understand your company

The first thing you need to do while choosing the right custom product packaging is to understand your company. Packaging is not only for protecting the contents inside it, it is also used to define the values and reputation of a company. Just like a person’s home defines the status of a person.

If a company is promoting food and spices, the packaging should be around food and spices. The same goes for the companies offering cosmetics and toys. If a company is luxurious, they should make people feel luxury while opening the packaging. Just like all the packaging on the products on apple. With no extra design, apple shows great pride only with its logo.

If you want to make a packaging representing your brand’s aesthetics you need to gather some required information.

Know your audience:

The most crucial thing that you should know while choosing the right custom product packaging is the people who are going to buy your products. This way you not only increase your sales rate. But it also lets customers know, how much care you have for your customers.

People fall into a major of three categories:

  • Children

Children are more attracted to rich and attractive colors. Have you ever seen a kid jumping with joy after receiving a toy with the packaging of its favorite cartoon? Things like stickers make them dance with joy and they start crying to their parents to buy that product for them. But what do you think would happen if this packaging is used for a men’s product? For instance, let’s say a men’s watch is packed inside the packaging of barbie. Men will not be attracted to that barbie packaged watch.

  • Men

Men are always attracted to simple plain colors. More than anything if you pay attention, all of the men’s products promote luxurious custom product packaging. And that’s a fact, men are not much attracted to colorful things. Something durable and masculine suitable for men should be used as a product packaging for men’s products.

  • Women

Women are also attracted to bright colors. Some may even prefer dark colors like black and dark grey. However, most women’s products promote bright colors on their packagings like red, pink, white, or even gold.

By knowing your audience, you can target that audience and think of ways that will attract that specific audience more effectively.

Think from the customer’s perspective

There is a major drawback to when companies start choosing the right custom packaging. Companies only think of themselves as companies. That somewhat works for the most part. But a better approach can also be used for choosing the right custom product packaging.

Companies should try thinking from the customer’s perspective too. Think about it, the product is being made for the customers, not for the company. That is why it should be the case to think about how the customer would want to get the product.

Think about custom product packaging ergonomics

This part is most crucial while choosing the right custom product packaging for your product. Ergonomics is a modern word that generally means how a customer will interact with the packaging.

The size, width, design, and shape of the product packaging come in the ergonomics. Perfect ergonomics means the packaging not only suits the size and shape of the product present inside it, but it also means that it suits perfectly with the customer.

Right materials for the right custom product packaging

The right custom product packaging is that uses the right materials. Think of it as you are an architect. Would you like to live in a house made of fine materials? Or would you prefer a house made of paper? It is just like that.

Consider your product as a person. The quality of a person and the reputation of his/her family is reflected by the house he/she is living in. If a house is falling apart, the person is poor, and if the house is well maintained and made of fine materials what then? People think of the person as rich a belonging to a noble family.

Many materials can be used for great custom product packaging. Two or more materials can also be utilized for preparing custom product packaging. Three of the most common materials used are:


Cardboard is the most versatile material that can be turned into any shape and size according to the need. Cardboard is not only versatile but also much durable. Many companies use custom product packaging made of cardboard because of its cleanliness and durability. If you may notice, most of the heavy machinery also comes in cardboard packaging.

Moreover, it is way easier to print or emboss on. Cardboard is the most cost-efficient material. It can even be recycled. Another perk of using cardboard custom product packaging is that cardboard is much lightweight. Not only does it makes it efficient to carry around, but it also costs you less on shipping.


Paperboard is much lighter than most of the other materials that are used for custom product packaging. Not only does it provide a great texture, but along with lightweight it also promotes much greater durability. It is mostly used while packing dairy, food, hardware, and pharmaceutical products.


Plastic has been replacing many materials in most uses. Plastic is mostly used for custom product packaging. As you may know, plastic is much lighter and provides great durability. It can also be reused and recycled.

Durable packaging ensures safe travel

Choosing a custom product packaging made from the right materials also ensures the safety of the product while traveling. As you may know, while sending a product to a customer, the product has to go through a certain check. While going through this period or any other phase, your product has a high risk of damage. This problem can be tackled by using packaging made from durable materials.

What is your budget?

Your budget is what impact greatly on your overall choice for the right custom product packaging. You can never use luxurious packaging while your budget is low. Nor will you settle for paper product packaging if your budget is higher. Your budget is what defines which type of product packaging you are going to choose. When keeping the budget, one thing that you should keep in mind is that you are not only going to pay for the packaging but the design too.

Final thoughts:

A product’s packaging is the point where you can either make a great relationship with a customer or make a bad reputation in the eye of the customer. Believe it or not, product packaging is what defines the status of your company. There are many companies providing custom product packaging and we are more than happy to provide you with our best services.

There are many ways people come to know your products. And one of the greatest ways at the time is by watching unboxing videos on YouTube. People make these videos to review the products of different companies. Now, it is up to you to decide whether you want your product to be presented in a ruined packaging or the right one.

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