Style and precautions of cosmetic packaging

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Style and Precautions of Cosmetics Packaging


From skin care products to make-up, beautiful packaging design can always attract the attention of many potential users. For users, beautiful packaging boxes can not only attract their attention, but also affect their whole shopping experience. Cosmetic packaging is an important part of customers’ overall brand experience, so besides the appearance, other styles and functions of the packaging box should be effectively designed.

First of all, it is to determine how the cosmetic packaging box will adapt to the whole brand experience. According to the different styles of cosmetics, it can be divided into product external packaging, product internal packaging or both. Whether cosmetics are sold online or in stores, it is important to regard all packaging as a part of the whole brand experience. Therefore, your cosmetics packaging should reflect your brand personality and value and be consistent with other marketing tools of the brand.

For example, Estee Lauder, SHISEIDO, La Mer and Jo Malone, the international famous brands, have the same brand whether they are in official website, Tmall, JD.COM or stores, whether product external packaging or internal packaging. Therefore, no matter which channel the product is purchased, every step experienced by the user is the same.

Consider the basic functions and precautions related to the special needs of products. It is very important to determine the basic functions of cosmetic packaging boxes before choosing the packaging box pattern and layout. Is it necessary to convey important information about the use and ingredients of products through cosmetic packaging boxes? Is the inner package of the product fragile, such as glass? Is the product affected by light?

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