How to Customize the Product Packaging Box

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The planning steps are very important in any field, because the task can be completed efficiently. Today in 2022, the process knowledge about packaging customization is no longer limited to designers or packaging box customization manufacturers.

Packaging of any product is the soul and life of the product. Product packaging design is the most influential factor for the successful listing of products. To customize excellent product packaging boxes, we must follow the expected steps to achieve the expected results.

Step 1-Determine the Budget

This stage is the most important because it determines whether you can customize the packaging box in the right direction. It’s like a road map, whether it’s the material selection or technology of the packaging box, it needs to be selected around the preliminary budget.

Step 2-Project Plan

Planning is an action process with clearly defined objectives, which enables us to create a systematic project framework. Quality, deadline and manpower allocation are completed at this stage. A good project plan can ensure that the results can be carried out normally without deviating from the budget and deadline.

Step 3- Research

There are many brands on the store shelves, which are not supported by the media and advertisements. Therefore, the product packaging on the shelf is like an advertising campaign, and it must shoulder great responsibility. The function of gift packaging box is to attract consumers’ attention, establish positioning, convey brand stories and let customers make purchase decisions.

Step 4-Design

Before the beginning of the design stage, the packaging designer should determine the shape, size and box type of the packaging box, and draw a suitable expansion plan of the packaging box accordingly. Finally, the plane design is carried out according to the plan.

Graphic design can include brand stories, colors, fonts, themes, illustrations and so on. The information reflected in the design must be true. The overall design should satisfy both creativity and practicality.

Step 5- Select material, process and produce.

Once the design details are determined, we can choose suitable materials and processes according to the packaging box design. And finally, printing, designing and making. When choosing a packing box manufacturer, we first need to investigate the scale of the manufacturer and the successful cases. EVERSUN PACKAGING has been engaged in the packaging and printing industry for more than 15 years, and has a professional production team, focusing on the production of packaging boxes and bags. Maintain long-term cooperation with many international brands.

Step 6- Market Review

Once the product is put on the market, it is necessary to conduct regular market research. The brand needs to evaluate the packaging box from the feedback from the market and customers, so as to know the results of sales growth, brand awareness and so on.

Packaging boxes and products are equally important, so we must do our best when customizing product packaging boxes. Packaging box has the ability to attract consumers’ attention and persuade consumers to buy. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate effective customization steps when preparing customized product packaging boxes.

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