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Gifts, no matter how precious, is ordinary without packaging.  On the contrary, if an ordinary gift is wrapped in exquisite packaging, its effect will certainly make people surprised.  This is why people attach great importance to gift packaging.

When you go to buy a gift, the first thing is to pay attention to the packaging of the gift. Among the many gifts, how to make consumers fancy at a glance depends on the gift box. There are many gift packaging boxes in the market. Different materials, different styles and different designs will bring different experiences to buyers, and the exquisite packaging design is often more favored by gift givers. Exquisite gift packaging designs are always especially pleasing and will delight the recipient. Gifts can bring happiness and pride to people, bring them closer together, and make their emotions more intimate, especially when the other person receives a gift that is beautifully packaged and unique,  they must be in a happy mood.

Gift packaging box to a large extent by its beautiful shape and decoration to promote beautification of goods, improve the competitiveness of goods, is one of the important means to transform products into goods, it has become an important link between products and consumers, selling and buying.

The printing of gift packaging boxes is a kind of art, but also the perfect embodiment of commodity value, especially in the current rapid development of knowledge economy and information science today, national culture, regional culture, Chinese and western culture collision and blending of gift paper printing representative is not only a beautiful works of art, its close to the market and cater to the market, guide consumption,  The multiple functions of meeting people’s material needs and spiritual enjoyment of commodity packaging are increasingly prominent.

According to the material, gift boxes are divided into paper gift boxes, wooden gift boxes, plastic gift boxes, transparent plastic gift boxes, aluminum gift boxes, tinplate gift boxes and so on.  In these boxes, paper gift box is more widely used, the following is the general process of paper products gift box production:

  1. Design, according to the requirements, culture, product characteristics, design gift packaging patterns
  2. Make samples, make an effect gift box according to the material and pattern, and then make actual adjustments
  3. Choose cardboard. General gift box cardboard is made of cardboard or long cardboard. Premium wine packaging and gift packaging cartons. The cardboard with a thickness of 3mm-6mm is mainly used for artificial mounting of the decorative surface and bonding molding.
  4. Printing, printing on the gift box, this part has high technical requirements.
  5. Surface treatment, gift box wrapping paper usually do surface treatment, the common is matte lamination, gloss lamination, UV, matte oil, gloss oil.
  6. Die cutting, die-cutting is an important link in the printing process. To be accurate, we must make the die cut.
  7. Laminating, usually printed products is first laminated after die-cutting, but the gift box is first die-cutting after laminated, one is afraid of making package paper dirty, the second is the gift box pay shall be overall beauty, paper laminating of gift boxes must be handmade, which can achieve a certain beauty.
  8. Box assembly, inner lining, box cleaning, packing. The box production process takes a period of time, there will inevitably be dust and stains, we need to wipe the box to finish.

Exquisite product packaging is easy to be chosen as a gift, packaging almost can only use their own.  When the package of a product provides convenience, it will naturally arouse the favorable impression of consumers.  Businesses have realized the importance of gift packaging design, not only the pursuit of personalized packaging design, but also the pursuit of exquisite and unique design, although the cost of investment is more, but the benefit is higher.  Such products are also easier to help merchants to open awareness in the market, enhance brand image, and create more income.

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