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How to Manufacture Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are a reflection of affection. When you gradually open it, it will be like entering the secret forest in your heart and showing your friends or family different feelings that you want to express. This is the actual meaning of gift boxes. But do you know how to manufacture gift boxes?

Firstly, Design. The artwork will be designed according to the characteristics of commodities. The test samples will be arranged ccording to the engineering drawings. The beautiful appearance is an important factor for gift boxes, so the colors made are also varied. Generally, a gift box of one style not only has four basic colors but also several spot colors, such  as gold and silver.

Secondly, Cardboard Choosing. General gift boxes are all made of thick cardboard. High-end wine packaging and gift packaging cartons mostly use thick cardboard with a thickness of 2mm-6mm.

Thirdly, Printing. Gift boxes printing require high processing technology, and avoid such defects as color difference and ink spots, which are harmful to aesthetics.

Fourthly, Surface treatment.  Gift boxes generally need surface treatment, and the common finish is gloss or matte lamination, gloss or matte varnish.

Fifthly, Die cutting.  Die-cutting is a more critical stage in printing technology. To keep die-cutting accurate, the die line must be correct. If the die-cutting is shifted, it will continue to influence the subsequent production and processing.

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