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There is no place a customer is more attracted to than the front counter displays. Customers can get interactive with the products and resulting in more sales of the specific product. It doesn’t matter if the product is small or big, placed on a counter display, any product can speak for its value and make the customers buy these products.

Counter displays are a great way of increasing the profit of the product sales in the market. The use of counter displays is also not limited to any type of business. The technique can be used by small or large businesses to increase the sale of their old or newly released products.

There are also many advantages to using a counter display. Not only does it increase the productivity and profit of the product, but counter displays are also much helpful in brand awareness and convenience.

Some of the hints for utilizing these factors to their most potential include:

  1. Increase brand awareness

Your company is nothing without the customers. If you have no customers to buy your products, what does your company exist for? People always look for better products to make their life a lot easier. And where do they know about products? Of course, in the markets. If you build a brand and are producing products. Let’s say your products are great. And your products work best than other similar products produced by a renowned company. It doesn’t matter how good your products are if there are no customers to buy them. That is why all brands do advertisements in many ways to reach their most potential in having the brand known to the world.

There are many ways brands can influence customers to buy their products. One of the best ways is by the use of counter displays. A company’s productivity and sales majorly depend on its products being on the counter displays on the market. It is a type of advertisement. It is a habit of people to check out the counter display every time they visit a market for shopping. If the products of a company are present on the counter display, people will end up buying the product and know more about the company. If they like the products by that company they will start purchasing the products of that company. Moreover, most companies pay the market to place their products on their counter displays. So, it is a win-win situation for both sides.

  1. Customer convenience

Customer convenience is much important in increasing productivity. One of the most important purpose and advantages of using a counter display is providing as much convenience to the customer as possible.

If you think about it, customers always want to buy products with as much ease as possible. People don’t like to waste their time roaming around the whole market to choose the products. That is why people go for the easiest spot in the business and spend some time. And which place would that be? It is the counter display. Placing products that are good for the customer right on the counter displays will save a lot of time and effort for the customers. And when people find convenience in a market, they buy.

  1. Providing information

Specific information can also be provided to the customer using the billboard space of a counter display. Let’s say there is a sale going on in the market and you want to place it somewhere where customers can know it.

You can use a counter display and place all the products on it. Placing a tag on it will tell the customer that there is a sale going on the products placed on the counter display.

Companies also use counter displays to put the information about their newly released products. That way people can know what the product is good for.

  1. Use Cardboard counter displays

Many materials are used for making a custom counter display. One or more materials may be used in making a custom counter display. But it doesn’t mean that any material may be used to build a custom counter display.

A counter display is playing a vital role in the productivity and sales of a product. What do you think will happen if people were to look at a counter display that is not even stable and is materials are being ripped off? Not only will the customer be unaware of the products present on it, but it will also result in decreasing the reputation of your business in the eyes of the customers.

That is why a thorough choice in the material your custom counter display is going to be built with is a great hint.

Most materials like plastic, steel, and cardboard are well-known for their use in custom counter displays. These may be used for different purposes. People may even combine some materials to make a better impression. This may sometimes even result in a terrific design. That is the reason why people take more consideration in making a custom counter display for their business.

Corrugated cardboard is a major asset in making a counter display. The durability, feel, and texture is on the same level as plastic. Cardboard is used in the field for packaging. Also, many types of cardboard can be used for different purposes. Depending on the type the use of cardboard can be defined.

You may have also seen some counter displays made of cardboard. These displays are present in most markets and are great for catching the eye of the customers. There are many types of cardboard. Each type is distinct and has its features that help in many fields. It is made from renewable wood pulp and cardboard can also be recycled to renew the cardboard.

Why cardboard is a better material than paperboard

People often use paperboard for making counter displays. But it is not a good idea if your use paperboard than cardboard for making counter displays. Three layers of paper are used to make cardboard. On the other hand, paperboard is made from a single sheet of paper. Even if you use a highly dense paperboard, it is still just a single sheet of paper. While cardboard has three sheets of paper. Using highly dense cardboard can make the best counter display with great durability.

Not only does the strength and durability of the counter display count, but the design of the counter display also plays a major role. A cardboard counter display is much easier to maintain than any other counter display made from a different material. It also comes a lot cheaper than other materials like steel. So a counter display made of cardboard is the best choice you can make to elevate the game of marketing in your business.

  1. Good Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a fancy name for the design. It is one of the most important factors that you should take into account while making a counter display. For the ergonomics to work you first have to find out many things.

These things may include:

  • Type of products that will be placed on the counter display.
  • Color Combinations
  • Will there only be products of one company?
  • Company’s logo
  • Is there the same type of products placed on the display?
  • Who is the audience?

All these things are most crucial in deciding how the ergonomics of the counter display will be. And the person designing a counter display should know all these things.

There are many types of display counters. If you are placing a lot of items on the display then the counter display should be big enough to fit in all these products and show them to the customer a small counter display will not be enough. But, if you want to place a small number of products on the counter display, you don’t have to make a big counter display as it will only take up extra space and it won’t look good.

By getting the required information, you make yourself able to design the perfect custom counter display. For instance, if you know that the products of only one company are going to be placed on the counter display, you can research more about the company and add some specific information on the counter display that is well-known of the company. You can even add the company’s logo and use its color schemes.

And if the companies are different but the counter display is being used to place the same type of products you can follow a different approach to make a great counter display. Like if there are going to be men’s watches from different companies on the counter display, you can use a design well pronouncing for watches.

  1. Keep it simple

Always keep your custom counter display as simple as possible. All that you may expect from your design, you would never want your customer to get awkward with a bizarre design. Keep in mind that you are trying to sell products and not show off your crafting skills.

In a counter display, the most important thing you should focus on is providing a good picture of the product to the customer in one look. For instance, if you are making a counter display for cosmetics. You should use graphics that represent cosmetics. By doing so, a look from even far will make the customer understand that the products are some cosmetics.

Text is also used on the counter displays. What you should be concerned about is catching the eye of the customers and giving them proper instruction on the products. Using a big incantation that can’t even be understood is a bad idea. Experts recommend using big fonts and no more than 6 – 7 words. What this will do is let the customers read and understand the products you are trying to highlight.

That is why there should always be simple counter displays instead of complex ones. Because as simple as the counter display will be, it will enhance the chances of attracting more customers.

  1. Be trendy

There are a lot of businesses that use a counter display for increasing the productivity of their products. You can be trendy by using the ideas used by major highlighting businesses in the market.

Being up to date about your related field is not a bad idea. If you are a custom counter display provider, you have to stay clear of all the ambiguity.

More and more designs are getting hyped these days. People always look for trends whether it be in any field. You can even use trending graphics on the counter display to make people curious about what is present on the display. Not only markets there are many social media and online platforms that provide great ideas on the trends present in the market.

If you are outdated and not being trendy you are bound to be left behind the world and your designs may not excel. So being trendy is a great idea.

  1. View from customer’s perspective

While designing a custom counter display, people are so fixed on their perspective. It is great to have confidence in your work but the major problem comes in that the display is not being made for you. Think carefully while making a counter display from a different perspective. Keeping the counter display design limited to your perspective may also limit the productivity of the product.

So how do you think from the perspective of customers? Here is a great tip to do that. All you have to do is think of yourself as a customer and not a counter display designer. Think of how the customer will look at it? How the customer can be more attracted? How will the customer interact with the counter display? All these questions will help you greatly in taking your custom counter display game to another level.

Not only does it clear out most of the ambiguity in your mind, but it also helps you in creating a great counter display for excel the productivity of the products.

  1. Colour schemes

Different color schemes can be used to make a custom counter display. But, you may not want to use whatever color you find and apply it on the counter display. That is just awful. Getting a good picture of the product in your mind is important. Black and white colors are universal. They are used in most custom counter displays but if you know the products then it will be great and you can also draw out the maximum potential of your counter display by this. For instance, if you are making a counter display for chips like lays. You may want to know which flavors are going to be placed on the counter.

As each of the flavors have their distinct color you can decide on your color scheme in a great way. Let’s say the flavors are going to be salted which has a yellow color and Masala which has a red color. Not only can you use yellow and red colors in your counter display, but you can also add the company’s logo for people to better recognize it.

How to professionally use a counter display?

  1. Don’t place expensive products on the counter

While placing products on the counter display, the most important thing that you should keep in mind that most people are not checking displays for buying products. It is the products that will force the customer to buy them. People are not much interested in buying things that are too expensive. They just come to the stores or markets to purchase daily life products and may not give attention to buying expensive things just because you have put them on the display.

Even if the counter display manages to attract customers towards it because of its build and feel. If the product is too expensive, the customer is never going to buy it. It will just be placed back on the display. The experts say that you should never exceed the limit of $20. People are bound to buy products that look good on the display and have a reasonable price let’s say $10. People don’t waste money on things they have never used before. That is why companies sometimes lower the prices of their products to let the customers know how good their product is.

  1. Use products with sales and deal

Customers are always more interested in sales and deals. Not only does it make them feel like saving money but it also produces a great sensation of getting more products. Let’s say there is a product sale going on and the customer doesn’t even know about it. If these products are present in a counter display people will get more attracted towards it.

For instance, let’s say there are two counter displays present in opposite directions. One is labeled with a 30% OFF discount and one is not labeled. Where do you think people will be in more concentration? There is no doubt in saying that the customers will choose to go towards the counter display with a 30% OFF discount label. They will check the products and most people who are not even in the market to buy those products will end up buying them. This also plays a major role in the productivity of that specific product even when the sale ends.

The same case goes with “buy one get one free” or “buy this and get that free deal”. The products with these types of the deal present in the counter display are most likely to be bought by people.

  1. Keep updating the products

One thing is for sure, that people are not always buying the same products that are present on the counter display. Even if the customers buy these products one or two times from the display, know they know about the pros and cons of the product. This may end up canceling the main purpose of a counter display.

What you should do is keep updating the products placed on the counter display. Newer products seen by people each day will motivate them to check out the counter display to look at the products that are now placed on the counter display.

  1. Place popular products with non-popular ones

Another way to get more attention from people is by placing popular products on the counter display with products that are not much popular. This is a great technique for letting people decide on which product is better. There are many products released in the market each day. If people are only going to buy the popular products, the other new products that may be even better than the popular products may end up staying where they are.

Placing the popular products among the non-popular ones will attract the customers and then they may compare the products with the ingredients used in them or any other method. This will have them try another product and make them have their decision.

Final Thoughts

There are many pros to using a custom counter display. But, to achieve these pros, a counter display must be made with all these aspects in mind. There is no going around that people like to look at the counter displays whenever they visit a market. The color combinations and design that are dependent on the designer play a key role in attracting customers.  But even if they manage to interact with a counter display there is no guarantee they are going to buy a product.

It is only in the way the products are presented to the customers on the display counter that they will buy the product. Not only does using a good custom counter display increase the productivity of the product, but there are also many other advantages of using a display counter like providing brand awareness, new information, and convenience to the customer.

Even a non-popular product from a newly introduced company can be sold when used properly on a display counter.


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