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To be a reputed company you have to pay great attention to your customer experience. Customer experience can lead your company to either rise or fall. If you are a company you must be trying to get the attention of your customers. But you might not be very good at making a good impression on your customers.

Many factors are used to determine the reputation of a company. These analyses are done by the community of your customers. These factors may include quality of products, price of products, customer care, and packaging.

People may not consider packaging as a good factor in building a company’s reputation. But packaging plays a crucial role in building a connection between the customer and the company.

Why is good packaging important?

Here’s the thing. People believe in what they see in POP displays and POS displays. POP (point of purchase) displays are where people engage with a product and POS (point of sale) is a sales promotion that can be found on some checkout counters. So, what is it that people see in POP displays and POS displays? Always remember that your first impression is your last impression. Do you remember, when you were kids, how happy you became after seeing a birthday gift? The excitement comes from the packaging. Something wrapped as a birthday gift would have made you smile and hump with joy.

Let’s say you are sending a parcel in a paper of a product to your customer. It doesn’t matter what the product is, people always see how it has been packed and that a fact. Customers always judge your worth by the packaging they are opening.

There are many factors associated with a company’s custom packaging design. These factors are much important if you want to excel the reputation of your company.

Required information

If you want to make custom packaging that has no connection to the company or product, your custom packaging will be worthless. However, if you want to make custom packaging that defines what a company is and describes the product, your packaging will be highly acknowledged by people when interacting at POP displays and POS displays.

Before designing a product packaging, you should consider getting specific information. This required information will help you in the journey of making great custom packaging.

• Company’s History
• Company’s Mission
• What type of products are produced by the company?
• Ideal future of the company
• Company’s signature i.e. logo

Here are some key tips that can help you in creating a perfect packaging design for your company:

1. Focus on your product

Packing is not something that you should do without any aim. A good package should define the product that is inside of it on POP displays and POS displays. It enhances the feel and customer experience to the largest degree.

A customer always expects better from you. If he’s paying, he is paying for the product but you can hand over the product to the customer in paper bags.

What you should always focus on the contents of the container. A good definition of your product by the package can express how much you value the importance of customer experience. It enhances the excitement of your customer and will add more value to the product when the customer opens the box.

Some companies write down all the ingredients and chemicals used in their custom packaging and custom boxes to present on POP displays. They also hang tags to the packaging. This basic technique can let your customers have a better idea about what you are buying and how it will better work for them despite all other similar products available in the market.

2. Know your audience

Audience refers to the type of customers that are going to buy that product. Knowing and having a better understanding of your customer can help you a lot in making a better design for your product’s custom packaging and custom boxes.
There are many types of audience. These include:
• Children
• Women
• Men
• Old people

The list could go on and the products could vary from audience to audience. Let’s take an example of cosmetic beauty products and medicines.

By now you might have already guessed what I am about to explain. Beauty products are made for women to make them look even more beautiful. Companies often hang tags to their packaging to make it look more expensive. That is the reason why beauty products are packed in fancy and colorful packaging.

On the other hand, medicines are meant to be curing sick people. They cover all people as an audience. That is why the packaging of medicines is about explaining what chemicals you are going to intake and what they are good for without any fancy additions.

If you have a better understanding of who that specific product is made for, you will have a lot better chance of landing a good impression on your customers.

How to know your audience?

This is a frequently asked question. People want to sell a product but may not know for whom the product is designed. There are many factors that you can adopt to know for whom the product is for.

Two of the major factors include:
• Gender
• Age

These are the most basic factors, that should be kept in mind while you are figuring out who your audience is. Gender preference should be taken into account while focusing on your custom packaging and custom boxes. Women have a much different taste in products than men.

They always try to find things that have a more attractive appearance than other products on the market. On the other hand, men take interest in what is inside the packaging and that is a fact. But it is not, in any case, a fact that you should lower your product packaging quality and start making paper bags as packaging for men’s products.

Age should not be taken lightly while designing your custom packaging and custom boxes. It matters more than you can imagine for how you pack your products depending on the age. Do you remember all those Christmas gifts that you got when you were kids?

The excitement of that gift would have aroused when you saw all those shiny packaging of color boxes inside custom boxes and as a kid you loved it. All kids have a thing for shiny and glittery packaging even if they are present in paper bags.

3. Choose a good material

Do you know about the trend of unboxing on YouTube? It is a major trend that has given birth to many famous YouTube channels. You may know some popular names yourself like Unbox Therapy. These channels take interest in unboxing different products, offered by multiple companies and comparing them to the other similar product available on the POP displays or POS displays.
People before buying any product always like to watch unboxing videos available by these channels. It gives them a better idea of how good a product is? These videos not only show a product and tell its features, but they also show the experience of opening a product from the packing it is present inside.

Consider, by any chance your product lands in the hands of these YouTubers making unboxing videos. All their followers will be watching that video and it is up to you that how you want your product packaging to be presented in front of hundreds or thousands of viewers.
Would you want your product to be presented in a package made of high-level paper boxes and color boxes that are much better than many other materials used for packaging and present inside paper bags? Or would you want to have your product to be represented in useless low-level packaging?

Without any doubt, you would want the second one. And this choice is going to make a great impression on all the viewers while the YouTuber is opening that package to get that product out.

Paper packaging is not to be taken lightly. It plays a major role in showing the product to your customer in the most reasonable way. Paper packaging is not just clean but also provides a great feel of texture and quality.

One more example to further explain the importance of materials used could be you.
What do you imagine, if people were to look at you in a house that is not built well? People will consider you to be poor and your reputation in their eyes will be lowered. On the other hand, if you are living in a fancy house made of fine material. People will consider you to have a high quality and your reputation will increase.

That is just the case with products. If your company’s product is packed inside rough packaging, it has no value in the eyes of the customer. But if the same product is present inside a package made of fine material the reputation of that product as well as the reputation of your company will increase.

There are many materials that you can use for designing the best package for your product. These materials include paper, plastic, paper boxes, color boxes, and wood. Each of these materials provides beauty and perfection to your custom packaging and custom boxes. You can also hang tags to the packaging. But you should never blindly use any material you get in designing your packaging.

4. Packaging Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the process of shaping and designing something. The product packaging ergonomics comprise of size, shape, and dimensions of the packaging.

It is how people will interact with your packaging and engage on POP displays and POS displays. This phase is much important while designing good packaging for your product. You should always keep in mind the shape and dimensions that will be best suited to represent your company and product while keeping in mind the needs and ease of your customers interacting with the packaging.

Many factors have a great impact when it comes to the phase of packaging ergonomics.
These factors may include:

• Simple Design

To make your package design more effective and user-friendly, you should make it as simple as possible like many wholesale packaging suppliers. Being simpler your customers will be able to interact more effectively with your products.
For instance, in 2008, Amazon a well-known company started to spend a large amount of time and money in developing a new type of packaging that they termed as frustration-free packaging.

This design helped people to relieve stress from opening packages that are difficult to open. After the launch of this packaging, more companies started to use this package. You may have seen the use of this package in many brands like matchbox and Fisher-Price. Many wholesale packaging suppliers provide this type of packaging.

• The customer’s perspective is important
While designing a product custom packaging or custom boxes, people sometimes think of themselves as a wholesale packaging company or a wholesale packaging supplier. A company’s perspective is going to limit your thinking and you might not be able to excel in your product packaging game.

That is why you should also think like a customer while designing a package for your product. Think of how the customer would like to have it? how the customer would like to interact with it? And will the customer want to hang tags on the packaging? This approach is destined to enhance the customer experience.

• Be trendy

While roaming in a market getting products offered by different companies you might get an idea about what is the recent trend for your product. Like there is a trend that people hang tags to the custom packaging.

Being up to date with the trends is a general behavior of humanity even in wholesale packaging suppliers. People are becoming advance and new trends in sense of fashion and designs are heated daily. People sometimes leave a product if it seems old-fashioned and not trending from the packaging.

If you want to increase your customers, there is no better way than going along with the trend while designing your product’s custom packaging or custom boxes.
So, you should always keep it in your head that ergonomics plays a vital role in designing packaging.

5. Compete with similar products

Always consider competing for your product with similar products available in the market. A professional wholesale packaging supplier will always give much importance to this factor even in wholesale packaging. If you are offering a product, there must be competing similar products in the market. Even If your product is better than all those products already present in the market, what customers see is the exterior while buying. That is why a good package should express the product that is resting inside it.

A package and a product have a strong connection like body and soul. Like a body represents a soul, packages represent the quality of the product. The package is the key factor that showcases all the advantages of a product to the customer which other products do not offer.

6. Voice Tone

The tone of voice is also a vital role that helps in designing better packaging. You may have seen many packaging, offered by different big-name renowned brands like Rolex, Apple, and Google. The packaging that comes with the products of these brands speaks for itself.
The voice tone of the product description or any detail is much concise and clear. This also helps in attracting people and increasing their appeal to the product. The tone of voice should be echoed on your packaging for the consistency of any brand or company.

Keep in mind that this voice tone does not define the product. It is associated with the rank and level of a person. This voice tone helps define the personality of the person who is going to use the product inside your packaging.

For instance, the voice tone used by an undergarment company will be much different from the tone of voice used on the packaging of a Rolex product.Voice tones can be adapted to use if you know the personality of the customers that the product is for. You can also add humor to your tone to keep your customers excited while opening the package.

7. Color scheme

Colors can play a vital role in upgrading your packaging game. This scheme has proved to be much beneficial for many companies. It is an easy and simple technique. All you have to do is use the same color that defines the brand of a product on the packaging.The color may be used in the logo of the company. By doing so, people will get more information about the product that they are going to get when the packing is riped.

Many products also have different flavors. For instance, take an example of a company that sells juice. You can add a color scheme to the packaging following the color of that specific flavor. Let us say there are three flavors, orange, strawberry, and mango. Which color comes to your mind when you think of these fruits. Orange for oranges, red for strawberry, and yellow for mango, right? You can add all these color schemes following the flavors.

8. Use the company’s signature

There must be something that defines a company. It could be a quote, a signature, or even a logo. A wholesale packaging provider can take definite advantage of these things in custom packaging. He can even hang tags to the packing if he may.

By using such recognizer, anyone will know from standing far away which product is offered by your company. You may have seen big-name brands like Rolex, Apple, Nike, and Google. What makes their product packaging shine no matter if they are placed on a shelf or dining? That is because each of these brands has labeled their distinct logo or signature that defines these companies on the custom packaging. Thus, it is a good way of boosting the productivity of your product.

9. Wholesale packaging provider

If you are a company or a solopreneur, then you must be having trouble in designing a good custom packaging to have it engaged on POS displays and POP displays. There are many factors you need to focus on to land good product packaging. It can be a headache and if you do not have someone good at designing packaging, your productivity is not going to reach its maximum potential.

There are many skilled wholesale packaging providers present in the market. Many of the skilled wholesale packaging providers take pride in their work and work with all their intent to make perfect custom packaging for your company.

You can always hire one of these wholesale packaging providers and have him work for you. With just a limited amount of your company’s story and basic product description, they can make you the best custom packaging.

Final Thoughts

Many factors are directly associated with making perfect custom packaging. People who are engaging with your products on POP displays are attracted to the exterior. Furthermore, the recent epidemic of COVID-19 has changed the way people thought about shopping. People are afraid of getting out of their homes and the trend of online shopping has been increased drastically. People are more attracted to the exterior of a product rather than checking it out traditionally.

Which makes them buy the product. If the custom packaging of a product is not good, people will ignore the product and go for a similar product that looks more demanding.
Although there are a lot of materials that can be used to make custom packaging. But you should always use something lightweight and elegant at the same time. Which is possible by using paper packaging.That is why expensive packaging is not always the solution to your problems.

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