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Packaging box as the name implies is used to package the product box, packaging box can ensure the safety of products in transportation, improve the grade of products, etc. Now let’s take a look at the role of the packaging box.

Firstly, protection function. Protection of goods is an important role of packaging box, but also the most basic function of packaging, goods in the circulation process, may be affected by a variety of external factors, causing damage, pollution, leakage or deterioration of goods, reduce or lose the use value of goods. Even if the goods are not damaged by all kinds of external forces, a commodity, through circulation for many times, to enter the market or other places, and finally to the hands of consumers, during this period, need to pass loading and unloading, transportation, inventory, display, sales and other links. In the process of storage and transportation, there will be a lot of external factors, such as impact, moisture, light, gas, bacteria…And other factors, will threaten the safety of goods. Therefore, as a packaging designer, before starting to design, we should first think about the structure and material of packaging to ensure the safety of goods in the circulation process. Scientific and reasonable packaging can ensure good protection of goods.

Secondly, convenient handling. Manufacturers, marketers and customers need to move products from one place to another, such as toothpaste or nails, which are not packaged and are not easy to carry, but can be easily moved around the warehouse in cartons and can reduce the number of times they are moved.

Thirdly, products identification. If consumers look at the product directly, they may not know the difference between this product and similar products, because they are not professional and do not know our product. So we help customers distinguish better through packaging, different colors and different materials. So boxes are needed, because the model number, quantity, brand, material and the name of the manufacturer or retailer must be indicated on the package. Packaging helps the warehouse manager to find the products exactly, and also helps the consumer to find the products he wants.

Fourthly, sales promotion. More and more enterprises and individuals also aware of the importance of the packaging, the packaging of the product is like product coat, even if is a precious commodity, packing box pallet would also reduce its value, on the contrary, if you can pack the goods properly, not only will double value, also attract people to purchase desire, especially when in free store. In stores, a variety of packaging boxes attract customers’ attention, and different packaging boxes attract different customers. For example, children are easily attracted by cartoon patterns and bright colors, and can turn their attention into purchase desire. Some people think, “Every box is a billboard.” Good packaging can make a product more attractive, and the value of packaging itself can also motivate consumers to buy a product. In addition, increasing the attractiveness of the box is cheaper than increasing the unit price of the product.

Good packaging box, can directly attract the attention of consumers, so that consumers have a strong desire to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting chang. Imagine a certain product, in the media, it is described as extremely magical, whether it is function, but also appearance quality, people are excited to hear, want to kiss it immediately, it can be said that once owned, nothing else. But when you get something, jump out of your field of vision is a crude packaging box, overflowing with thick “soil” taste and “greasy” taste, color let a person look at the dazzling things, will you have a sense of trust to its products? Your first thought, I’m afraid, is that the media got it wrong and the advertising was so good. I haven’t even opened it yet, and I’m already disappointed.

Fifthly, to help businesses reduce costs. Above, I know that the packaging box has the role of protecting products, making products safer in transportation and storage, so as to better reduce the loss of products, thus reducing the cost of merchants. In addition, good packaging promotes the sales of products, reduces the inventory quantity of products and shortens the inventory cycle, thus reducing the inventory backlog of merchants, accelerating the flow of funds and thus reducing the cost of merchants.

Sixtly, the role of publicity. Good packaging box, especially good texture packaging, general consumers are reluctant to throw away, if the packaging box with other applicable and life functions, then the packaging box can also help businesses continue to advertise. We imagine that a customer can afford our products, and then he good circle of friends and relatives about also have similar consumption level and ability, and a quality by customers in the box office or home sitting room, is it possible to get his friends or relatives of curiosity, is it possible to trigger their topic, resulting in a secondary transmission, three spreads, N spreads or multiple purchases?

Good products start from good packaging, so we must pay attention to the packaging box of products.



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