What Kind of Holder Choices Can Electronic Boxes Have Without Using EVA?

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Before, the packaging factory introduced a lot of little knowledge about the holder of electronic boxes. Especially when it was recommended at that time, it emphasized the advantages of EVA. There are many advantages in the customization of electronic boxes, such as safety, etc. But as we all know, 2022 is not a peaceful year, and many industries have experienced crises one after another, and many capital chains are in a tight state. If the old ideas are still used, Then, the price of an electronic boxes is so high for enterprises. So, today, I’ll tell you about it. If EVA is not used as the holder in the electronic boxes, what can we choose?

1. High-density foam, when choosing the inner support for electronic boxes, the first consideration must be safety. Why was EVA sought after in those days? It was because EVA had a very strong protective performance and excellent buffering capacity, so the cosmetic packaging mainly made of bottles and cans would choose EVA as the inner support material. High-density foam can aslo be the holder like EVA. At present, the price of high-density foam is relatively cheap, but it has been disliked before because the appearance of high-density foam is really very ordinary, even a bit ugly, like a sieve chewed by a dog. As before, everyone had relatively sufficient funds,  and customers could buy the configuration equivalent to the top of the industry with a little cost, and the price-performance ratio was acceptable. But now, due to the impact of all walks of life, the appearance was abandoned on the premise of ensuring functionality.

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2. Cardboard holder, I didn’t expect that only two or three years have passed, and the trend of holder of electronic boxes has returned to cardboard holder. Cardboard holder is really the biggest winner among all kinds of materials, because the production process of cardboard holder is relatively simple, so the price is relatively cheap. However, if cardboard holder goes down through different slotted beer, it can form a relatively stable structure. Compared with the high-density foam mentioned above, The protective performance of the cardboard holder mainly depends on the paper thickness of the holder, but it should be remembered that the thicker the cardboard, the more troublesome it will be to fold, so we should make full use of the characteristics of the corner angle to design it, which will make a better choice.

In fact, the performance of electronic boxes is quite special. The purpose of packaging box customization in many industries is mainly to upgrade the product grade, facilitate pricing and identify the market. The most important thing to give up is the appearance. However, in industries like electronic products, the protection of products must be put in the first place, which is why the inner support is the main reason, not the outer box.

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