Manufacturing Process of Jewelry Boxes for You

Table of Contents

1. Determine the design of jewelry boxes

If necessary, sample first, and place an order for production after the sample box is confirmed.
(1) Prepare materials first (facial paper, grey board, inner support, etc.);

(2) Printing face paper and gluing (need to make the bundle pocket at the same time);

(3) Process part (UV, bronzing, embossing, etc.);

2. Cutting face paper and grey board

The facial paper and grey board are cut into the specified size by a paper cutter.

jewelry boxes

3. Manufacture of inner support

The material of inner support is usually sponge, EVA, and others are seldom used. For jewelry boxes, it is necessary to stick a layer of flannelette on the surface to show high-grade and soft feel.

4. Overall assembly

(1)Laminating paper. (Be careful to keep the tissue clean and flat).

(2)Put inner support(put it up and down neatly, and put it in different directions);

(3)Wipe the box (remove glue, etc.).

5. Packing and delivery

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