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Skincare packaging box is a very big market demand, especially for women. Skincare boxes are fast-moving consumer goods. There are no fewer than dozens of cosmetics and skincare packaging in front of every woman’s dressing table. We should design skincare packaging boxes according to women’s psychological characteristics of consumption, and make full use of the color relationship and women’s preferences. Colors represent different meanings and popular trends, but also master women’s love for beauty, superiority and individuality in different age groups, highlight their individuality and value, and thus promote the sales of skin care products. The existence of skincare gift box is not only a container for skin care products, but also an advertisement that can stimulate consumers to buy and guide customers to buy. There are articles to do, explore human consumption psychology, please their consumption ideas and trends, and stimulate customers’ consumption.

Loving beauty is part of human nature, and female consumers sometimes value not even the product quality, but are attracted by the appearance. Different design goals are needed for different age groups. For example, the colors of cosmetics for young women should be fresh, lively and fashionable, which fully reflects the vitality and enthusiasm of young people. For example, Avon series moisturizing cream, with its pink and sky blue packaging colors, is fresh, natural and full of vitality, is more likely to be loved by young women. Middle-aged female consumers, whose personality is steady, elegant and simple, also have a certain economic foundation, and have higher requirements for product quality. They pay attention to brand image, such as Lancome’s various elite products, with dark blue as the main color, which not only reflects a certain sense of science and technology, but also precipitates the impression of high-end brands, noble and elegant taste, and further reflects the excellent performance of these women in nourishing skin and keeping skin young and energetic.

In the packaging design of skincare products, besides considering color, we also need to pay attention to design elements and styles. Different make-up will bring different effects and psychological tendencies. It can be youthful and lovely, fresh and elegant.

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