Wholesale Custom Printed Paper Bags For Jewelry Packaging

Item No.:EP220827-10
Size: Customized
Materials: Paperboard
MOQ: 3000pcs or negotiated with customers


The basic printing processes of portable paper bags are divided into screen printing, flexo printing, offset printing, letterpress printing and gravure printing. Because of the time issue, today I will popularize the three printing methods of silk screen printing, flexo printing and offset printing.

  1. Silkscreen

Screen printing is screen printing, which is to make the screen holes to make ink leakage on the substrate. Silk screen printing has the characteristics of concave-convex and strong three-dimensional feeling. Flat printing, embossing and gravure printing are called the four printing methods together. However, compared with the three major printings of concave, flat and concave, printing is more extensive and has more advantages. More and more types of inks and printing materials are used. Screen printing is not limited by the size and shape of the substrate, and it can be printed on different shapes of moldings and concave and convex surfaces.

When the paper bag is screen printed, there is no problem as long as it is developed according to the characteristics of the screen printing at the beginning of the plate making.

  1. Flexo printing

Flexo printing is a direct printing method of outer packaging paper bags. It is called flexographic printing using an image printing plate with elasticity and raised surface. Flexographic printing has unique flexibility, economy, and is beneficial to the protection of the environment, and meets the hygiene standards for food packaging printing, which is one of the reasons for the rapid development of flexographic printing technology abroad.

The biggest taboo when carrying printed paper bags in flexo printing is that the designed text and lines are too thin, which increases the difficulty of printing;

The second is to try to avoid using the reverse white first to design small reverse white text and lines when designing the outer packaging paper bag; as long as you pay attention to these two points, you can basically do it well.

  1. Offset printing

Offset printing, we also mentioned earlier that the current printing equipment is mainly a printing method that transfers the design on the printing plate to the surface of the paper bag through the rubber (blanket), and this method of printing through the blanket is offset printing. It has the characteristics of rich layers and delicate details, and is the most important printing method in the printing industry.

Things to pay attention to when doing offset printing on paper bags:

  1. The resolution of the paper bag image will affect the final printing effect. If it is too small, it is prone to blurring.
  2. If the text on printed paper bag is too small, try not to use color, which is prone to inaccurate color registration.
  3. Custom printed paper bag should be designed to avoid a full-page solid color layout, which will affect the use effect.

Product Specifications:

  • Item No.:EP220827-10
  • Size: Customized
  • Materials: Paperboard
  • MOQ: 3000pcs or negotiated with customers
  • Packing: Flat-pack in bulk, ship to your pointed destination
  • Shipping Port: Shenzhen, as per customer’s request
  • Delivery Time: About 12-15 days
  • Sample leading time: About 2-5 days
  • Payment Terms: T/T or L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability: 550,000 pcs/month
  • Structure design: Personalized Graphics
  • Artwork/graphic Offered by customers
  • File formats: PDF, AI, Coredraw


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