What is POP Cardboard Display

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POP Cardboard Display, that is, a display rack with POP advertising effect.

POP cardboard displays are specially tailored to promote the brand and promote the sales of goods.  POP cardboard displays play the following roles:

1. Attract pedestrians into the store, or make customers stay in front of the goods on the POP cardboard displays to create trading opportunities.
2. Inform the content and sales service features of the products on POP cardboard displays and to stimulate customers’ interest in purchasing.
3. Provide the latest information on goods and services to arouse consumers’ attention and subconscious.
4. Inform the consumer price of goods and business services, announce the preferential treatment, transfer information, and induce customers to purchase and consume impulsively.
5. Beautify and enliven the consumption environment, and provide consumers with trust in goods and sales service personnel.
6. Promote the advantages and characteristics of goods and services through various unique and novel ways, stimulate customers’ desire to consume, and promote trading behavior.
7. It is especially suitable for creating a festive atmosphere, so that customers can have a timely association with the product.

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